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Get Essential Example of Synthesis Essay

Understanding the principles of writing a synthesis essay is the main difficulty among students of college level. Read our recommendation about synthesis essay writing that might come in handy while writing such type of essay.

What are the challenges of a synthesis essay? The main idea of synthesis essay is analyzing multiple works on a concept or issue and ultimately presenting a concrete perspective of a topic. Such task requires reading a solid amount of topic-related sources and finding the connections in the ideas. There are three common categories of synthesis essay, such as argument, review, and explanation.

  • Argument: you are to present a strong thesis of the issue and gather relevant and strong arguments to support the main idea. Organize your arguments in a logical manner to present an ultimate idea, concept or issue stated in the topic.
  • Review: review encompasses numerous sources and discusses their relation to the topic. Essentially, this has to be a critical review of the sources related to the problem.
  • Explanation: without subscribing to a single point of view, the essay categorizes and presents the facts. As a rule, it has no or weak thesis statement.

How to write a good synthesis essay?

Preparation. Prior to writing your synthesis essay, you need to choose good synthesis essay topics for research.  Concentrate on wide topics since they make a broad field for research of different points of view.

Research. If no specific sources were required by your school, choose at least three main and one or two extra, depending on the amount of time you have for research and writing. Read the sources and collect the arguments that relate to your thesis statement.

Outline your essay. For the best result, come up with a clear essay structure including the standard introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. Adding more creativity to the structure would always be a huge benefit.

Write your essay. Take a liberty to take a slight step from your outline if you feel so. Let your introduction present background info and a thesis, main body spotlight the evidence to support the thesis statement and conclusion to summarize your point of view.

Revise your essay. Go through your essay to eliminate unfortunate grammar and spelling mistakes, run-on sentences, punctuation and stylistic errors. Read your essay aloud as a final step. 

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