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How to write my college essay

Or how to make a step from “yet another applicant” to a “viable candidate”?

Writing application essay is what students fear most. Isn’t it a bit exaggerated? Why bother spending weeks on 600-word essay and making the best of writing experience and talent, if any? After all, application essay alone won’t make a big difference if test scores are poor. In fact, it’s true. But a good application essay is a decisive argument that may turn the scales in your favor.

So how do you write a college essay that will set you apart from the rest of applicants and make admission committee tell you a firm “yes”? Let’s go through some crucial tips.

College essay writing tips you might not have considered before

Get the audience interested

While students put much time and effort to write a 5-paragrapgh essay, admissions committee won’t spend even 10 minutes reading it. From here, the first clue to your entrance essay success is to make it engaging from the first lines.

Savvy applicants suggest telling a personal short story. Start it from the end leaving the reader in wait for continuation. This approach is proved to work better than an anecdote or smart saying lots of candidates would put at the beginning of their essays. First of all, because it reveals your personality and secondly, because it’s a unique story based on your experience, but not some lines pulled out from a book.

Focus on studies

Everything that you write in your application essay must show your passion for the area you’ve chosen. At the end of the day, admissions committee is looking for a brilliant student who will become successful alumni and add up to the college prestige.

That’s why demonstrating your intellectual abilities and hunger for knowledge is vital.

 Don’t sound over-sophisticated

Application essay is probably the only academic paper where you should write the way you speak. More than that, being too formal and using too much of sophisticated language may have a reverse effect. Instead of making a positive impression with your speech you will alienate readers. What sounds unnaturally suggests there is little truth and much lies.

Mind the instructions

Although application essay gives much freedom in terms of tone and language choice, there are certain rules every applicant is obliged to comply with. Every task to write an essay goes with some instructions attached. All of them were given much thought and serve to show how an applicant can stick to the rules and write what is being asked.

Don’t set much stress in your application essay

With so much fuss around this task, you must be surprised to be told to relax. Of course, application essay is an important part of the whole admission process but it can be life-changing to few applicants only. And yet it doesn’t mean you should take it easy. Simply don’t set your hair on fire over this. Panic is the last thing you should be doing.

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