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How to Write a Comparison Essay Recommendation

A comparative essay requires comparing two or more items. While this may seem easy task, in reality it takes efforts to analyze common grounds and discrepancies in concepts or issues. In fact, good comparison essay topics may include a comparison of:

  • Points of view or responses to an issue
  • Theories
  • Numbers and results to survey
  • Contents of texts
  • Historical events

When you are asked to compare, it implies that you need to find both similarities and differences. Yet in some specific instances essays may focus on solely differences or similarities

How to write a good comparison essay?

Following the formula of a winning compare and contrast essay is key to a successful writing. So what compare and contrast essay is considered to be good? Below, see the markers of a stand-up comparison essay.

Grammatical level. The sentence structure includes complex sentences. There are no awkward or run-on sentences. The grammar and word choice is faultless.

Structure level. The paper is organized in logical way and divides the information into point-by-point comparison, subject-by-subject or similarities-to-differences structure. The transition between paragraphs is ensured by words that clearly show relation between ideas.

Idea level. The essay compares the issues or concepts using specific and compelling examples that support comparison. In addition, the paper encompasses only related to comparison information.

Comparison essay introduction example needs requires some techniques to hook the reader in. in addition, some background information will help the reader to dive into the topic and ensure a better understanding. So feel free open your comparison essay with an interesting, creative and at the same time simple intro.

The most commonly accepted approaches to writing comparison essay are:

Point-by-point comparison. Comparison point-by-point suggests comparison according to specific points of comparison or contrast. Depending on the word count of your essay, three to five points will suffice.

Subject-by-subject comparison. The second approach to writing comparison essays, calls for devoting a separate sub-paragraph to one of the subjects. The summary of each paragraphs are to be summarized in concluding paragraph.

Writing a properly organized comparative essay is not possible without choosing credible academic sources. At the preparation stage, gather reading materials and the strongest collect arguments to support your points of comparison. At the final stage, organize your reference page and ensure citing of all sources. Take a final look at your comparison essay to eliminate unfortunate mistakes.

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